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 Welcome to the parents of children with tyrosinemia

You went on our website, then it's a new and rare word "tyrosinemia" you for some reason interested.

Tyrosinemia - a rare genetic disorder. With the diagnosis "tyrosinemia" can live. Until recently, the cure for the disease did not exist, but fortunately in the early 2000s, was invented a drug that helps patients with this diagnosis live a full life.

Yes, at first it seems that it is very scary, and it is not clear, but we hope that our site will help you get answers to your questions. You can read the history of other Russian families with a child with the same diagnosis, get useful tips and links, and learn how to achieve the treatment of the child from this life-threatening disease.

Today in Russia there are 20 children with a diagnosis of "tyrosinemia.

They live in the following cities and regions (in parentheses indicate the number of children): Saint-Petersburg (1) Ulyanovsk (1), Nizhny Novgorod (1), Kaluga (1) Eagle (1), Volgograd (1), Ryazan ( 1), Saratov (1), Yakutsk (1) Rostov Region (1), Chechnya (3), Tatarstan (2), Buryatia (2), Dagestan (1). The very first Russian patients were diagnosed in 2006.

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