Site of parents of children with tyrosinemia
Tips for Beginners

Do not feel sorry for yourself and do not look for the reasons. It makes no sense to look for answers to the question: "Why me?".

Spend this time for your child.

Do not hesitate to talk about their problems and forget about the public opinion.

It is very important that your problem is known to many. In this case, there is every chance that you can help. Do not be afraid of publicity, participate in television programs, give interviews, organize charity events.

Fight. Do not give in to discouragement. Every day should be lived for the benefit of you and your baby. One sent a letter to the day, a couple of calls to authorities, a visit to the local Ministry of Health. This is especially important in the first stage!

Communicate, do not turn in on themselves. Remember that you are not the first. There are people who have already passed the difficult way. They are always happy to help you. We're family now!

Share your experience. If you work, and you were able to achieve drug supply, procurement of specialized clinical nutrition or other benefits for your child, necessarily share with others their experiences. Remember that you are not the last.

Take care of yourself. We are the most important in the lives of our children. Therefore it is better to abandon the extreme hobbies, extreme relaxation and reckless behavior.